Rihanna's Hard Nipples in the Offensive Princess of China Music Video

I did not watch Rihanna's new video, partly as a result of i actually have higher things to try to to with my time, however largely as a result of i do not extremely provides a fuck regarding Rihanna and that i hate her fucking music and therefore the undeniable fact that at the Time a hundred individuals Awards, she aforesaid she's glad they awarded her as a result of she's simply being herself or another bullshit lie like her icky songs polluting our brains and therefore the airwaves.

I will assume the video is offensive, simply supported the title, and i am hoping there's a backlash from China, stopping production on her merchandise. as a result of if somebody aforesaid they were a patrician of something of mine, particularly a gutter black chick from the islands UN agency was a baby prostitute, i would be pretty mad at however entitled she felt. i would possible arrest her for the false claim as we have a tendency to all recognize a share of her cretin fans most likely assume she's really a patrician of China, that is unhealthy for the Chinese's international image.

The only factor she's a patrician of, even together with her many scores of greenbacks, is her own cunt life that fortuitously we do not got to alter or hear her whine, as a result of recently wealthy trash is that the fucking worst.

Here's the video'

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